Saturday, June 17, 2017

Lions and Tigers and…CPV?...oh my…

Three Ways Performance-Based Location Metrics Can Cause Brand Missteps

Just when you thought that there couldn’t possibly be another metric to measure digital marketing, guess what…there is!!

In the ever evolving marketing landscape, new metrics to measure an ad’s effectiveness, and how to appropriately charge advertisers, seem to be popping up on a daily basis. Cost Per Visit (“CPV”) is another example of a new metric that, in the words of the article’s author, “aims to charge advertisers only for new store visits that are driven by media, and so increase the efficiency of an advertiser's spend.”

The fact that advertisers are going to be charged based on what, in my eyes at least, is such a subjective metric is mind blowing. It seems to me that these metrics are getting TOO subjective – I mean in the case of CPV how can you legitimately measure such a statistic, and then CHARGE base on it?!? You know, 87% of people believe all the statistics that they see.

It seems to me that you can find more than a few metrics that would make your campaign appear successful. Conversely, you could find more that make the same campaign look like such a disaster. With all this data and ways to substantiate and/or justify advertising effectiveness it seems that marketers face the risk of turning spin doctor as opposed to cultural disrupter or influencer.

Let’s hope that too many don’t fall prey to half-baked ideas on how to justify their existence – maybe that was harsh but it seems to this blogger that this might be the case for some…

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