Friday, June 02, 2017

Own It. Special K's Commercial - Blog 2

Own it.  This is the new tag line to Special’s K TV commercial.  The commercial is a 30 second video about empowering female through the movement of eating. 
Historically, Special K distinguished itself from diet-focused messages.  This is what made Special K its brand. 

Now, returning to Leo Burnett, Kellog is focused on gaining momentum with Special K through the movement of empowering women through eating.  This goes along with examples in the current news (ie. Fearless Girl Status).  The commercial shows that women do it all – parenthood, work, school, personal time – and women need to eat to achieve this success.

The message is creative.  It still promotes well-being – with the bits of activity the women are participating in- while promoting the Special K line. 

“Own it” is a short, trendy and direct message that women will be responsive to.  This is moving towards relating to the female customer through strength instead of its original logo of “Eat Special. Feel Special.”, which I would argue is warmth.

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