Friday, June 02, 2017

WSJ: Google Will Help Publishers Prepare for a Chrome Ad Blocker Coming Next Year

News of Google introducing it's own ad filter on Chrome emerged this week, and while some ad publishers may react negatively toward this, I actually think in the long-term, this will be good for digital advertising.

With the abundance of spammy, irritating ads, consumers have already turned to third-party ad blockers that remove all ads entirely. Google is not intending to remove all ads, but only the ones deemed frustrating to the user. If users no longer see the frustrating ads, they may choose not to download a third party ad blocker and settle for the Google Chrome one, and they'd still be exposed to other digital advertising.

This does lead to the question of whether its appropriate for Google to determine what ads are seen or not, but seems like a brilliant business move for them as well. It will allow them to have more control over the internet ecosystem, which could lead to new and different revenue opportunities.

This is a game-changing development that should continue to be monitored by any digital media professional.

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