Monday, July 31, 2017

A Guide to the 10 Next Hot Jobs in Digital Marketing, and for Several Years to Come

A rapidly evolving digital marketing sector is creating new jobs that did not exist in traditional marketing. The list shows that: "the combined forces of globalization and the commoditization of technology are exacerbating the pace at which new, promising tools are becoming available to brands".

Jobs such as VR editor and Mixed-reality designer show that content development integrated with up-and-coming technologies will become more important and widely used by digital marketers. Companies will continue to use data to optimize marketing strategies by hiring data scientists and develop new technologies and processes with engineers to better serve businesses' goals.

The emerging new jobs are very interesting and great indicators of the future direction of digital marketing. For example, it is hard to imagine brick-and-mortar stores with physical products but hologram retail display designer jobs are emerging to provide products and services to the customers through holograms. This definitely will change the landscape of how stores utilize its space and showcase products to customers.

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