Friday, July 28, 2017

In-Car Advertising?

Surprise, More advertising!

Just kidding, it's not really a surprise, although the in-car advertising is likely to be a lot safer than the title of the post implies.  That's because it won't be those driving that are being pushed these ads, but rather, those in riding along the back.  Brilliant idea, but not exactly original - NYC Taxis have been doing some form of this for years.  However, the provider of these suggested ads, and how they will be consumed, makes it all the more interesting, and yes, creepy.

Michael Boland suggests that Uber begin to utilize local ads as a way to build auxiliary revenue to maintain growth when its core business matures. He suggests that these ads can be built to "enhance" your ride, by pushing this content that fits your ride duration to your phone through a new UI and some partnerships.  Then, by using all of the data Uber has collected on us, you know, such as where we live, where we travel to frequently, etc., they can push specifically targeted ads based on the users behavioral profile.

If anyone has read my posts over the weeks, then you'd see that I'm not a huge fan of how creepily targeted we all are by ads.  It's very unsettling.  Regardless, this will never change unless there is some type of legislation, as we are all so tied to these applications and services that collect this information from us and push us these ads, that they will never have an issue generating substantial revenue by selling their platform for advertisers.

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