Friday, July 21, 2017

Campbell’s Focused on Digital Marketing and Food Transparency

At its investor day, Campbell’s announced it plans to generate $300 million in e-commerce sales over the next five years by partnering with leading e-commerce companies (i.e., Chef’d) and improving its distribution system.  The company also mentioned that they are focused on improving consumer trust and transparency with the use of a new digital platform and unveiled an agreement with The Sage Project to partner on digital food labels which will make information about calorie content, ingredients, and nutrition profiles of Campbell’s products more easily available to customers.

Campbell’s has been trying to reinvent itself the past couple of years by committing to a “real food” philosophy and heavily promoting its healthier and more premium labels such as Bolthouse Farms and Pacific Foods.  These brands are not as well-known as the recognizable red and white Campbell’s can and the company will need to depend on its digital marketing strategy to 1) increase label awareness; 2) emphasize its commitment to providing healthy foods; and 3) improve consumer trust.  Also, when partnering with other e-commerce companies, Campbell’s need to make sure that display advertising and social media strategies are controlled and aligned with their goals.

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