Sunday, July 23, 2017

AppStore Optimization vs SEO

One of the first few concepts we learned in class is SEO (Search Engine Optimization), which I covered under the post SEO Trend in 2017. While researching ways to promote dwindl, a personal entertainment recommendation mobile app, I found similar concept to SEO that is specific for mobile apps i.e. ASO (App Store Optimization). ASO is technique to ensure that a mobile app meets App Store ranking criteria and rises to the top of search result page. While this definition is very similar to SEO, ASO has additional parameters that it can optimize to achieve different purpose than SEO. So how is ASO different than SEO? The table below compares the aspects of SEO and ASO.

In summary, the ultimate goal of ASO is to drive app downloads, which is the key difference with SEO. Keywords and links are important in both ASO and SEO; however, ASO also focuses on elements of the “app front-page” such as logo, description, screenshots, which play crucial role in determining conversion.

Indeed, ASO is also an iterative process similar to SEO. This is thanks to both the continually evolving ranking algorithms and the competitive nature of the App Store. Thus, a successful ASO strategy requires proper measurement, analytics, and regular check-ins. If you can manage this, your investment will surely pay off. I hope this blog post clarifies the proper strategy of optimization in the App Store.  


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