Sunday, July 16, 2017

Forget about millennials — experts are now going after marketing to Generation Z

Using several interviews of Generation Z consultants and entrepreneurs, this article attempts to define what makes Generation Z different from Millennials, and how marketers can better understand this up-and-coming demographic. 

Millennials are arguably the most talked about and controversial generation in history, but in order to become a successful marketer, we must understand what’s next. Teenagers are now picking up where Millennials left off, and there’s several vast differences between both generations that will influence how companies shape their company culture and market to potential clients or customers.

Meet Generation Z; 72 million kids/teens born between 1996-2010, who are slowly becoming known to advertisers as “Millennials on steroids” – a sort of overachieving set of thought leaders, working on major disruption at earlier ages. They’re known for being more competitive and less collaborative. They’re hyper networkers, well-connected, and prone to keeping their options open. A generation with resources and opportunities beyond imagination if they master the art of branding oneself.
Regarding the future of our workplaces, the Millennial workplace is characterized by open office spaces, collaboration, generous vacation policies, and purpose driven work. Gen Z workers will have a new set of workplace demands that companies must adapt to.

Regarding advertising, Generation Z grew up in an age of self-branding, and social media influencing. They are now determining what’s considered “cool”. They’re known for bypassing the typical entry-level summer and going straight for real-world scalable experiences that can set them up as successful thought leaders or entrepreneurs later in life.  

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