Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Wendy's Snark Comments? - Blog 9

Hardee’s and Wendy’s are using twitter to taunt rivals and roast customers!  The lead “bully” is Wendy.  Wendy will respond snarky comments to promotion ads.  For example, Wendy responded “We usually prefer the original to a knock off, but hey, you do you,” in response to Hardee’s four items for $4, which mirrored Wendy’s same promotion.  One of the best posts was Wendy’s response to directions to the nearest McDonald’s – “Go down Regret Rd, and take a left on Disappointment Dr.”

This friendly banter between rival companies is fantastic.  Wendy is targeting young consumers who get a thrill off reading this social media banter.  New consumers will follow just because of that.  The name will be seen more often in their eyes.

Furthermore, here is an example of where Burger King and McDonald’s are choosing not to participate in this.  We learned last week how brands can make big mistakes not to invest in user generated content.  Although this may not be user generated content, it still is around the basic concept.  Burger King and McDonald’s choice not to response may or may not be the best approach to win consumers. 


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