Saturday, July 15, 2017

Social Media and Malicious Ad Content

It appears that the Facebook owned social media platform, Instagram (IG) is having an issue with fake or malicious ads.  The ads are promoting goods at a significant discount while displaying a doctored brand logo. IG users that click on these ads are then led to scammer sites. How are these ads finding their way to users' feeds? Over time, users have formed a sense of trust with the platform regarding the ad content they see. This is especially true because all users are forced to view it. There is no opt out option for ad content on IG.

With Facebook diving deeper into the digital ad game, developing new products like its dynamic ad targeting, addressing this must be high on their agenda. How long is too long before too much damage is done and the trust is broken? Will these type of ads become part of the new norm of your scrolling experience? Until we know more, be careful what you click on.

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