Saturday, July 22, 2017

Google’s New Voice-Activated Analytics Fueled by AI Will Simplify Data Queries

Google is launching a new tool for Google Analytics which will allow users to make basic voice queries on data. This new functionality, fueled by AI, will be similar to the existing voice searching capabilities on its flagship search product. The intent of the new tool is to reduce the number of steps required for a Google Analytics user “…to perform tasks such as checking online revenue data or website traffic.” With the implementation of the AI component, the more the function is used, the more accurate searches will become resulting in a more effective functionality for users.

This push for a voice activated search functionality comes from a recent Google survey which “…found that 61 percent of marketing decision makers struggled to access or integrate data in 2016, while the same amount expected the struggle to continue this year. Meanwhile, about a quarter (26 percent) said they didn’t have the right analytics talent or enough of the right talent to properly use their data.” The hope with the new function is that new users (non-experts) will find searching and accessing relevant data easier. This low-level entry benefit for users will ideally help expand and maintain the business user base.

Although Google’s current foothold in the digital marketing industry is strong, added functionality such as this, that caters to business side users, will support long term growth and add to the stickiness of the platform. Helping business sides customers move away from the need for Analytics experts with this AI functionality is a strategic move for Google, and one that will help differentiate it from competitors.

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