Thursday, July 13, 2017

You have probably said I'll Venmo you......Have you said I'll Apple You?

Most of you have used Venmo and other person to person payment to split bills with your friends.
Venmo's processed more than $17.6 billion in payments in 2016, up 135% from the previous year. It is the fastest growing person to person payment service.

People use Apple's iPhone and other manufacturer devices to make the payments. Apple has finally woken up to this opportunity and announced on June 5th 2017 that it will offer the imessage payments in iOS 11.

Apple has its advantages as users do not have to install another app and can make the payments through any Apple devices. On the other hand Venmo can be used on any device.

Person to person payment services

Do you think Apple can compete with Venmo?
Will you say " I'll Apple you? "


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