Friday, July 07, 2017

Facebook releases new campaign metrics and measurement tools

This article discusses new releases by Facebook meant to increase advertiser trust after some troubling news of inflated campaign metrics. The release highlighted in this article is the first of what will be a monthly release of new updates.

This article highlights 2 releases related to web traffic as a result of ads. The first is the ability to measure how many people actually click on an ad and then visit a landing page. The second is the ability to tell whether that person has had any past interactions with the brand in the ad. Highlighted in this article is the importance of mobile optimization for websites, as more and more web traffic is generated from mobile devices and mobile sites must be quick to load.

Facebook is also releasing new reporting metrics for pages: how many follows a page gets over time, followers demographics, and paid vs organic follows.

The article highlights the importance of advertisers to Facebook. In FY 2016, 97.27% of revenue was from advertisements (81% from mobile). They are clearly being responsive to their customers, which is vital in business.

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