Saturday, July 22, 2017

Can Digital Marketing Save Major Retailers?

We have all seen, heard or participated in the trend that is causing major problems for big retailers. Shopping from the couch on your favorite device has become the new norm. This trend only continues to grow and doesn't show any signs of reverting back to glory days for brick and mortar retailers. This new reality has forced brick and mortar retailers to ask themselves a question that will shape their futures. Do I fight the tide or just go with it?

Nordstrom is the latest industry player who has decided to go with the tide and ride the wave. They will be launching an exclusive Snapchat lens in hopes of pumping some volume into their annual anniversary sale. Article It is important to note that this isn't Nordstrom's first attempt with digital engagement ploys.  They partnered with Pinterest in 2013, tagging items throughout their stores as "top pinned items." It will be interesting to see how this plays out for Nordstrom, as they work to switch up their dying business model. For now, post a selfie with their new lens and take advantage of the sale.

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