Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Inside Halo Top’s Instagram strategy

I have seen Halo Top at many different grocery stores and it was very surprising to me that the brand did not spend any money on advertising. I had assumed that the brand must have gained familiarity among ice cream buyers and consumers through heavy marketing.

According to the article, the brand increased social followers by 160% in past 10 months and also saw a large growth (2500%) in sales. This shows that social media definitely increases consumers' brand recognition and can be helpful to increase in sales growth. The CEO's quote within the article "Woolverton also credits the brand’s growth to its health-conscious and non-corporate message" certainly reflected on its social media posts. When I looked at the brand's instagram page, the posts consisted of beautifully curated photos of the ice cream pints with quirky comments that certainly drew my attention. Also, it had posts about promotions and its' own employees favorite ice cream flavors that made the account more 'human-like'. The instagram posts are certainly not only of the ice cream but ice creams placed in various settings that made it more entertaining.

It is important for companies to have matching themes with the brands that they are representing on social media. I also think it is important for the posts to not only show the products but make the posts convey the brands' values and connect with the consumers.  

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