Thursday, July 13, 2017

Adweek: Facebook Begins Rolling Out Ads Within Messenger

The future of digital media is now. Mobile messaging, which is growing at a rapid rate and has significant engagement from users will soon have annoying ads. This of course is a small price to pay given that the ability to send messages to others is virtually free. That said, if what app includes ads, does it risk losing all of its market share to another app that doesn't show ads? Consumers certainly have many to choose from. I myself have 4 to 5 different messaging apps on my phone that I use interchangeably. This includes Google Hangouts, Facebook Messenger, GroupMe, WhatsApp, Slack.

Facebook has been pushing Messenger and all its new features heavily, basically forcing me to download the app. They will have to be careful and make sure to preserve the user experience.

The worrisome thing, like all internet targeting, is how deeply Facebook will utilize the information. Maintaining confidentially will be important because what I text to others is very private. I hope standards could be set in the future with regard to safeguarding our information, because I believe it will be increasingly more important.

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