Friday, July 14, 2017

Quantifying the Impact of Mobile App Advertising

With the growth of mobile usage and particularly use of apps, advertisers have found a new platform to target potential consumers. However, with the explosion of advertising in the mobile space has also come confusion about how to quantify or attribute the impact of mobile advertising.
This article highlights the lack of standards in terms of "attribution windows" (or the amount of time between a click/interaction and a "conversion" - which in the mobile space includes installation of an advertised app) and the challenge of how to measure the impact of ads viewed on an app (as user behavior norms indicate that people view ads, but don't necessarily click on them).
Interestingly, regarding attribution windows, the article mentions that most online providers employ a 24 hour attribution window, meaning that they receive payment or credit for conversion within 24 hours of clicking on an ad from their site. However, one of the top advertisers, Facebook, has a 7 day window - so their extremely high conversion rates might be distorted by this long attribution window.

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