Saturday, July 22, 2017

Facebook's First B2B Ad Campaign

Hoping to Target Marketers, Facebook Launches Its First Global B2B Ad Campaign Focused on Growth

Last week I blogged about Facebook opening up their messenger app for advertisers. In this weeks edition of "what will Facebook do next", we have an article about Facebook's effort to lure more business. As noted last week, advertisements make up ~98% of the company's $27B of annual revenue. One would think that every advertiser/marketer not living under a rock would be aware of Facebooks power as a ad platform, however, after reading this article, maybe that is not the case. Facebook, at least, thinks spending on advertising themselves will attract new customers.

The campaign has been dubbed "Discover Growth" and will be done with ads both on and off the Facebook platform. Off platform ads will be in industry trade publications and marketing websites. The examples Facebook provided for this article show they will be utilizing their detailed knowledge of the FB user-base to lure advertisers.

The reach and power of Facebook will never seize to amaze me. I just wish I bought more at IPO....

Examples (click link to see the live digital ads)

  • There are 50 million coffee addicts on Facebook. Get more people buzzing for any brand. Your new customers are waiting. Find them on Facebook.
  • There are over 10 million vegans on Facebook. That is one meaty audience. Your new customers are waiting. Find them on Facebook.

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