Friday, July 07, 2017

What makes Facebook more effective???

Facebook is a social media giant. Apart from the traditional FB site, it owns Instagram and Whatsapp as well. The reach which it has is tremendous. It is growing at a fast pace and the best part about it us that wide variety of users access Facebook allowing the marketers to reach all types of customers.

A recent study by HBS has established that traditional marketing techniques are no longer working. The buying process has evolved and now majority of the consumers have their first interaction with the product on the internet. Additionally, people are relying on their social capital more to obtain suggestions and feedback about a particular product. FB can be extremely effective in this environment. For example, the FB groups/ events page can be very effective in promoting a new product or launching a new movie

A common question which marketers face is that what makes adds successful on FB and how should they go about the campaign? A number if things determine success, but in my opinion the most important ones are -

  1. Target the right customers and connect with them. Design adds and headlines in such a way which will immediately attract attention and the users can connect with it
  2. Don't be intrusive. Facebook now has a very good feature where any video continues in the background with no sound and in the small window. I personally have clicked on many such add of interest and it does not hamper my scrolling experience



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