Friday, July 07, 2017

Facebook Is Now Reducing the Reach of Users Who Routinely Share Fake News, Clickbait and Spam

Facebook is working to reduce to power to those who share fake news, clickbait, and spam postings that spread like wildfire, as they are designed to do. This is a great step in reducing the spread of misinformation, and also seems like a move that makes it more similar to Google with regard to quality.

Google is carefully measuring quality of websites every time an item is searched. Facebook is looking to build "quality" into posts so that its website is somewhat curated. It will be interesting to understand how this will affect companies, and whether certain companies will be penalized as "spammers". Perhaps a discipline that grows is social media optimization, similar to search engine optimization, where companies try to focus on the highest quality Facebook posts that pass Facebook's algorithms.

It's a good step for the user experience on Facebook, and it will be interesting to see the implications on digital media marketing.



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