Saturday, July 15, 2017

Restaurant brings in Instagram kits so you can nail your #foodporn shots

In previous times, food was food and you were probably grateful that you had something to eat. Today, in the developed world, food has to be instagrammable and a London based restaurant has developed a kit to help you get that amazing shot of your avocado toast. According to Mashable, "The free kits contain a portable LED camera light, a multi-device charger, a clip-on wide angle camera lens and a tripod selfie stick for overhead table shots".

Considering that today's food culture heavily revolves around choosing a place based on Instagram content, it makes a lot of sense for eateries to help their customers help promote their restaurant. Dirty Bones is not only making picturesque food and providing the tools for the perfect shot, but they have also had the interior decoration designed for social media.

Next time you impatiently wait for your friends to take pictures of brunch, just remember that you are helping to promote a restaurant.

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