Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Is Seamless Ready To Compete In The Food Delivery Business?

It’s not a new thing to hear that car-sharing companies’ involvement in food delivery business – they used to only take passengers to their desired destinations; however, this business model has been modified to grasp more existing opportunities in today’s marketplace. Uber eats delivery has been in the market a while, which implemented various promotion strategies to position itself in the food delivery industry, threatening other online food ordering and delivery companies, Seamless is one of them.
Therefore, I am not surprised to learn from this article about Lyft’s decision to tap into food service, competing against Uber for a larger market share. According to the article, Lyft initiated a very creative operational model – allowing passengers to stop by Taco Bell’s drive through for food pick up before the desired destination during late night. Currently this model is still piloting in one region, California. From my perspective, benchmarking the success of such partnership needs to take a few factors into consideration. For example, will this detour journey incur more fees for passengers? Is the location of partnering food vendor out of the way? Consumers’ eating behavior in different cities?
So far it’s not clear to foresee the result of the new partnership model, however, it's definitely disrupting the industry and forces Seamless and other delivery companies to be more innovative and get prepared for the competition.

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