Friday, July 14, 2017

Can digital marketing save ASOS?

ASOS, the largest retailer in UK, has observed a decline of ~8% in its share over the recent months.Current ASOS uses a combination of Twitter, Google+, Facebook, AdWords, Pintrest, Snapchat and SEO. The analysts currently are supporting the investments which ASOS has made in the Digital Technology marketing sector. 

Analyzing their investment, it seems they are employing a wide variety of tactics to target audience across all age groups. SnapChat is very popular among the younger generation and the user base is increasing every quarter. Also, it will be very easy to track the impact Snaphat has on sales as ASOS sent different discount codes to their followers.

Number of daily active Snapchat Users

They are trying to appeal to the more human side of the brand by using likable characters such as the 'Fresh Prince of Bel Air' and the lovable characters from 'Despicable me'. in my opinion this strategy will be particularly beneficial as because customers like brands they can relate to.

The third most important strategy they are using is varying the content in the different channels of digital marketing. The target audience is very different in certain channels. Hence, modifying the content helps appeal to the different type of audience.

A suggestion to ASOS would be to include YouTube as one of its marketing channel. A recent study conducted on Advertiser perceptions, shows that User Satisfaction rating was 2nd highest for YouTube and other marketers plan to increase spend in the upcoming months. A good presence on YouTube would be beneficial for ASOS.



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