Saturday, July 08, 2017

Is Snapchat's new feature for users or advertisers?

Snapchat has been continuously releasing new features to its users. However, one of its latest features may be more for advertisers than its normal users. The new "paperclip" feature gives users the ability to link to other websites directly through their posts before they are shared. Prior to this new feature, only users with 10000 or more followers had this ability.

One can assume that this new feature is fueled by stockholders of the newly public company, in an attempt to raise the share price. This a feature advertisers have been waiting for and a key way Snapchat can distinguish itself from its rival Instagram (Instagram does not currently offer this type of linking to its users).

But how will this change the overall user experience for Snapchat? There is a possibility that Snapchat could turn into one large customer review platform. This is just one of the many possibilities this new feature gives to brands and advertisers. It will be interesting to see what direction advertisers take and how the overall Snapchat experience changes in the future. Will Snapchat place restrictions on the use of this new feature to preserve the essence of its platform? This is just one of many questions. For now, keep a watchful eye as this new feature gets put to use.

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