Saturday, July 08, 2017

SEO Optimization Using Rich Media to Improve the SERP Experience

This article examines the impact of two types of rich media – images and video – in search engine optimization based on an analysis of content strategy. The article discusses an exercise that assessed the results of a comparison of search engine results with and without rich media. The article also provides pointers for the effective utilization of video and images to gain maximize search engine results page (SERP) output and ultimately, impact the conversion journey.

Recent research report from BrightEdge, based on assessment of SERPs results with video and images relative to SERPs without such optimization strongly suggests that there is an advantage to including such rich media in digital marketing. Accordingly, there is a need to consider how best to effectively execute on search engine optimization (SEO), using these rich media options to improve on search engine impact.

To get to this point, the marketer or brand manager along with their entire team must ensure that the rich media used in the association with the product being marketed is sufficiently “optimized” such that it is most effective in the SERP to get the maximum opportunity for CTR conversion.
To do this, the article provides six optimization tips to consider that would result in improved SERP based on the adopted content strategy. The idea is that the use of these two rich media options will result in improved interaction via organic search such that there is evidence of improved CTRs and customer interaction that helps with the purchase journey.

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