Saturday, July 29, 2017

Babies R Us - Blog 10

Babies R Us wants to take loyal users of Amazon and Target in the baby product line.  Amazon currently holds nearly 20% share of the online baby product market. To gain this share, Amazon introduced Amazon Mom, which later changed to Amazon Family in 2015.  Just by these small changes, Amazon is creating a more personal experience for the user. 

Toys R Us is struggling with this.  Currently, Toys R Us holds 5.1% of the online baby product market.  Their legacy campaign is an image of polished, spotless, everything-is-awesome branding.   Toys R Us wants to improve this image.  Their new campaign is to celebrate the true moments of parenthood – the poppy diapers, smashed peas and all.  Toys R Us wants to recognize these pain moments and paint a beautiful picture to honor the parents.

For the newly launched campaign, Toys R Us will create awareness through social media.   A digital video will be promoted through social channels and through brand’s site.  Just like in lecture, Toys R Us is targeting the user experience through social media.  Through likes and shares, there will be more user generated data, which is highly trusted by parents.   Toys R Us is also restructuring their loyalty program to increase users and avoid user attrition. 

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