Saturday, July 15, 2017

End of the world? Not, it’s just “Superfruit” selling our kids stuff…

While some marketers are still warming to campaigns through channels like Snapchat, Ikea and MEC have launched a back-to-school initiative with web comedy duo “Superfruit”. Ikea’s app shows the vertical ads, that require users to answer a quiz and provide home décor preferences before seeing the videos. To build demand, Superfruit will post older videos to their SnapChat account using the new Paperclip feature. MEC admits, “… Snap for a lot of marketers has been a challenge when it comes to working with influencers…” Why? The strategy requires paid ads to help users discover content. What’s why Ikea and MEC are taking a “two-tier approach” of ads and influencers. This approach does not work for everyone. Since Ikea’s core demographic are millennials, means traditional ads are less effective anyway.  

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