Friday, July 21, 2017

Magazines Embrace Facebook, Snapchat After Video Blunders

I thought the below article from the WSJ was interesting as it focuses on traditional print publications and their shifting focus to video. Although I have yet to watch, I have heard good things about the "Last Chance U" documentary on Netflix, which I would have never guessed was actually produced by Conde Naste and then sold to Netflix. Conde Naste has sunk $50-70M of investment into video since 2011 and had launched its own video hub, which has since been transitioned into a vehicle to distribute video on Facebook.

In addition to opening my eyes to a realm that I did not know these traditional print media companies played in, I think it is interesting to imagine the marketing opportunities that will stem from all of this investment in video. Video is at the high end of display advertising and being a content producer that allows advertising could prove to be quite lucrative now and in the future. It will be fun to see whether this initiative will be significant enough to bolster what is a dying magazine industry.

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