Saturday, July 22, 2017

About to post that sweet ad on Google? Better check the weather!

A new study by the Institute for Operations Research and the Management Sciences links weather to how people respond to mobile ads (Link here: Sunny, rainy, or cloudy: New study shows how weather impacts response to mobile ads ). Now that scientific research is linking the two, we can expect more companies to start using AI and data-driven engines to drive their ad campaigns much like Hilton did in targeting stranded airline passengers (Link here: Hilton: Innovation in customer-centric, real time search to provide value to stranded travelers and drive revenue). It's not hard to imagine a near future state where Google ads even lets you select real-time conditions as one of the attributes of your bid. This would allow you to up your bids when it's raining, or maybe advertise a cruise to someplace sunny when the audience is stuck inside during a blizzard.

On a more general level, the study finds that people respond better to mobile ads when it's sunny out than when it's cloudy so mobile ad buyers should be willing to pay a premium on sunny days. More interestingly, the study also finds that "Compared with the neutral ad copy, the prevention frame ad copy hurts the initial promotion boost induced by sunshine, but improves the initial promotion drop induced by rainfall." In other words the content of a company's mobile ad should actually adapt to the weather to be more effective. All of this points to a future we already know is coming (or here): more data with more intelligent computing power behind it driving more highly tailored and targeted advertising.

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