Friday, July 07, 2017

Nike will sell sneakers directly on Instagram

Nike will soon be selling sneakers directly on Instagram. Whilst it is unclear as to how exactly the sportswear company will go about doing so on the social platform, its move to do so shows that it is thinking about e-commerce from multiple perspectives, especially during a time where brick and motar stores are shutting down. Seeing as consumer attention (700 million monthly users) is already spent on Instagram - following influencers and brands themselves - this seems like a smart move to create that seamless experience which creates a win-win for both Nike and Instagram. More people will spend time on Instagram and Nike's targeted audiences will be able to purchase goods easily.

Currently,  Nike sells sneakers through their app and on Amazon, and Instagram's e-commerce capabilities are limited to allowing brands to tag their images with more information which can then direct a user outside Instagram to the brand website or app. It will be interesting to see how Instagram evolves to meet the needs of brands and whether it will become an e-commerce company, the way that Snapchat rebranded into a camera company. If so, will users be deterred from using Instagram the same way?

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