Saturday, July 22, 2017

Women’s Market – Under Armour Is Getting Serious Now

When talking about Under Armour, most people would probably have an image of a macho man. This article talks about Under Armour’s new campaign which aims to tap into women’s market and attract more female audience to its sportswear. It wanted to break the traditional testosterone image. But this is not the first time Under Armour modified its brand marketing strategy.  

A few years ago, a campaign “I will what I want” was initiated by Droga5 to help Under Armour break its brand’s perception of pure masculinity and establish an emotional connection with a female audience. The campaign chose Misty Copeland and Gisele Bündchen – two non-athletes - to promote its women sportswear line.

Similarly, according to the article, Misty Copeland was also featured in the new campaign “Unlike any” to push Under Armour’s brand image more resonate with female audience. From my perspective, it’s the right direction in terms of its marketing strategies, however; this shift was a bit too late in the current sportswear market place. Given that Nike is the industry leader in both men and women’s products, Under Armour might find it challenging to reach its goal just through a few campaigns. One thing that is very clear to me here – these new campaigns will definitely echo a large group of women consumers who have been fighting with obstacles in their lives and then gained positivity. 

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