Saturday, July 29, 2017

Fitbit's Smartwatch...Should Apple be worried?

Fitbit was one of the first ones to venture into fitness wearables. It has sold several devices in various formats and has been struggling to be profitable in an ever increasing competitive market.
It has been one of the pioneers in bringing innovative products to the market, i.e Charge 2, Alta.

The challenge that Fitbit's users have faced so far is the user interface. One has to currently log into Fitbit app to track the progress that makes it loose competitiveness to Apple watch. Fitbit acquired Pebble in 2016 so that it can focus on smartwatch and a software development kit(SDK) that will allow app developers to develop apps for ios and android devices.

Fitbit has missed the boat earlier by not being able to release smartwatch to the market due to manufacturing quality issues. Time will tell if it can bounce back and rule the wearables market again. It will be interesting to see if Fitbit uses innovative approach in marketing these smartwatches after repeated bad press about its release.


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