Monday, October 05, 2015

A Controversial Social Media Campaign

Clarisonic has a racy new campaign designed for social media, geared towards men and described in the below article. However, Facebook has deemed it too “risqué” and not in line with their advertising rules because of its use of profane language. So it’s going to be shown in other forms of social media (with a “softer version” on Facebook).

I think this article is interesting because it highlights the growing social media advertising trend, but also some of its limits. When I think of social media advertising, I tend to think of campaigns that are more innovative and “push the limits” more than what you’d traditionally see on TV or in print – after all, social media is thought of as young and hip. That said, as this example showcases, it seems ads cannot push the limits too far if they want to be shown on mainstream sites like Facebook. Facebook also made an interesting point regarding the “slippery slope” associated with allowing “censored” profanity that could still be offensive to some. I am curious as to what “other social media” this ad will appear in and how their policies vary from those of Facebook.

All in all, an interesting issue. Obviously we all know there are rules and restrictions surrounding advertising, but it’s interesting to think about them in the context of social media, which is a relatively new and different animal from TV and print.

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