Sunday, October 25, 2015

Are more publishers becoming skeptical of ad tech?

As we've learned in class, companies who advertise using real-time bidding ad tech platforms have concerns about whether the dollars being spent on digital advertising are worthwhile and being seen by the right audiences.  There seems to be growing skepticism regarding ad tech from the other side as well.  Refinery29, Facebook, Vice Media and Buzzfeed are among a growing set of publishers who have their own concerns when it comes to ad tech.  Chief among their worries is that annoying and disruptive ads served by ad tech platforms are leaving a bad taste, or worse, turning consumers away from publishers' websites.  Thus, these publishers are opting to take back control by building their own ad tech platforms or cutting out middlemen and selling ads directly.  If this trend continues to grow, ad tech firms will be forced to address publishers' concerns by ensuring that only quality ads will be shown on publishers' sites.  Over time, this should force companies to create better ads that will actually get shown to consumers.  Better ads will ultimately be better for all parties involved - consumers and publishers will be happier, and advertisers will become more effective in their marketing efforts.


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