Monday, October 26, 2015

New Programmatic Exchange for TV Ads

Dish Network is hoping to woo digital marketers with a new programmatic marketplace for targeted TV advertising. Advertisers will be able to buy commercial time during live and DVR-playback TV on an impression-by-impression basis, targeted down to the household level and using real-time bidding. The hope is that by offering a programmatic marketplace like the ones used for digital media buying, now digital marketers will be enticed to purchase TV advertising because the exchange/purchase is in the format they are used to. Dish Network states that the goal is to promote efficiency and ease.

While I don't have experience purchasing TV advertising, I assume from an in-house marketers' perspective, life won't change much as we will still be purchasing via media buying agencies. For agencies, I imagine this type of marketplace would actually be desirable as it seems it is a more efficient and easy way to buy, especially for broad audiences which is usually the case for TV. Outstanding questions are how far in advance you could purchase, how Nielsen data/ratings effect purchase prices, how narrow you can target, and if other networks will join. The Dish Network marketplace platform is currently in testing and will be launched after successful testing is complete so specific timing is still TBD.

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