Tuesday, October 06, 2015

Ad Blockers - Pros and Cons - Lauren Braswell

With the release of ad blocking apps on Apple's iTunes Store last month, there have been numerous articles and conversations regarding the pros and cons. I wanted to detail the pros and cons as I see them. I am currently leading a digital advertising campaign so I'm using my individual and corporate lenses. 

- Faster loading of websites
- Decreased data consumption on phones
- Increased longevity of battery life
- Cheap, easy and effective solution 

- Not all pages load properly 
- Taking away from potential to be influenced by a new brand
- Apps aren't affected so if you're on apps more than the web you aren't as affected
- Making it harder for companies to target new audiences

As an individual, I honestly think these ad blockers are a great idea!! The pros totally outweigh the cons and saves me a lot of time and ultimately money!

However as a corporation, these are horrible! With the amount of money that I am spending to advertise on websites, it is very disappointing that consumers have the ability to completely block the ads. All of our work can ultimately be in vain which is very disappointing. What this teaches me is that I'm going to need to be thoughtful of new and innovative ways to reach these audiences. 

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