Saturday, October 03, 2015

Traditional Media and Digital Marketing

Even the rise of digital advertising is crucial, we could not underestimate the influence and  the revenue from traditional ways of advertising. In the article “2015 Ad Spend Rises To $187B, Digital Inches Closer To One Third Of It”, it mentions that television is still the single biggest share of ad spend in 2015, with 42% of spend, or nearly $79 billion. It also states that the number decreases comparing to that of 2014, but we cannot deny that traditional adversing will still play its significant role along with the boom of digital world. 

The growth in digital is remarkable, and we may say that it will be the lead in the future. “Social media will se the most growth at 31% this year... Search will this year continue to account for the biggest proportion of spend, at 45% of all digital ad revenues”. As we can see, no one can possibly stop the marching of digital, but at the same time, we need to find or create the balance between the dominant, traditional style, and the fast, emerging technology. In other words, maybe in decades, digital will be the biggest and greatest in everything, but before that, we should pay attention to the transaction between different media. 

In one of my other marketing classes, we talked about 15 areas to explore, and one of them is “simultaneous trans-Media communications”. To be more specific, nowadays in the industry, we have people who are professional in traditional media marketing/advertising, and we also have groups of experts for digital marketing. However, these people are not truly connect with each other. Basically their missions and goals are unrelated, and there is a serious lack of communication. If we could somehow build the link between “old” and “new”, the market will be in a healthier condition, at least for now.  

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