Friday, October 02, 2015

Twitter May Go Beyond 140 Character Limit

Twitter still has not confirmed, but many sources say that the #2 social media site will soon extend its notorious 140 character limit. This may have a significant impact on how brands are using the platform. Larger character limits would allow for more extensive conversations between brands and their customers. This could mean that brands begin using Twitter for customer service similar to many brand's use of Facebook.

But is this a good idea? Isn't the very thing that defines Twitter, its real time, quick headline design? It will be very interesting to see if the rumors are true, and if so, what impact extending the character limit (even a little) has on the platform. It seems like a relatively small change, but I think it could have big consequences.

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Sonie said...

Yes, this will be interesting to see how an expanded character limit -- if it occurs -- changes how brands and even day-to-day consumers use the platform.