Tuesday, October 27, 2015

The Power Of The Call to Action & Recent CTA Trends

Successful marketing campaigns have call to actions (CTAs). No marketing campaign would work without a brightly colored button encouraging consumers to "Buy Now", "Read More" or "Sign Me Up Today!".

Marketing Land, an online marketing news source, recently posted a thoughtful article on call to actions. While not new information by any means, the article reminds us of the importance of CTAs and more importantly, how to create the most effective CTA (a.k.a. how to maximize conversions!).

As a quick recap, here are the most common CTAs:

  • Buy buttons / add to cart
  • Info-gathering forms
  • Subscription sign-ups
  • Read more
  • Try it now
  • Social media share
  • Help / online chat

So what defines a good CTA?

  • Placement - have multiple CTAs, put them on each page, have them POP on the page
  • Design - recognizable, well-defined, striking, appealing
  • Copy - clear text, active verbs, communication of value
Before signing off, a quick comment on recent trends in CTAs. Lately I have been seeing many more creative CTAs - particularly in e-commerce store pop-ups. For example, many e-commerce stores love offering first-time customers 10%-20% off if the customer signs up to receive email notifications. Rather than simply say "Sign Up Now to Save", lots of stores have started adding additional, sassy copy below: "No thanks, I don't like saving money" is a common one. It seems the stores are trying to make their CTAs even more emotional for the consumer. By reminding the shopper that they are potentially leaving money on the table if they don't subscribe to email, the store likely improves its conversions.

Marketing Land source link: http://marketingland.com/power-call-action-strength-boosts-conversions-145845

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