Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Pusher's rapid growth hints at future of mobile advertising

A small, London based, startup called Pusher is reportedly sending 110 billion messages per month. This indicates they are growing rapidly, and could suggest the future need for real-time capabilities in apps, including advertising.

The technology Pusher creates is designed for developers. It provides the capabilities to offer real-time features such as chat and push notifications. They already offer the ability to integrate push-to-call as well.

It seems to me this reflects a trend towards mobile capability for these types of features that are considered easier to integrate with laptop and desktop interfaces. Furthermore, this reflects one possible way to integrate mobile compatible types of advertising onto devices that often can't integrate traditional forms of advertising like banner ads.

For example, push notifications can be used to bring a user's attention to an opportunity to purchase or otherwise consume something. The fact that developers are gobbling up this type of capability could indicate this is a feature that is in high demand.

Whether this trend influences the future of digital advertising is yet to be seen. It could be the smoke from a soon-to-be fire.

Pusher article on Business Insider

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