Monday, October 26, 2015

A new way to sell Oreos

Mondelez International, owner of Oreos and several other food products, is over taking a huge shift in moving from traditional TV advertising to digital advertising. Over the past 5 years, their TV advertising spend is down 50% and expected to decrease further. Additionally, this is requiring training for executives and employees on digital media so that they understand the reasoning for the shift and can judge it's effectiveness appropriately.

This is something that I would expect any consumer product company to be focused on these days, and it seems that Mondelez is working all the digital angles -- Google, Facebook, Twitter -- to make it's strategy a success. One thing that does concern me for the future and is already starting to play out today, is that there are relatively few players in the digital marketing space who hold a huge percentage of the product. Between Facebook and Google controlling 80% of all digital advertising spend, does this create a monopoly and is it resulting in too much wealth and power being placed in too few company's' hands? I think so.


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