Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Dish to Woo Digital Advertisers With Programmatic Exchange for Targeted TV Ads

Dish is bringing automated targeted TV buying to a new level!

This week the satellite company announced it will be testing automated programmatic exchange (moving away from the old way of sellin ads) to let advertisers buy commercial time during live and DVR-playback TV. The new offering automates linear ads to an addressable of almost 8 million across 210 DMAs. This will allow advertisers to specifically target consumers down to the household level and use real-time bidding. 

The real-time bidding allows advertisers find out about their winning bid in under a minute -- you could win an auction and your ad would air within a few hours or later that night.  

This new programmatic exchange allows targeting to move beyond age and gender, and instead allows advertisers to focus on lifestyle characteristics -- consumers who watch kids channels, sports, or own a certain car.

Ultimately, it is Dish's attempt to shift some dollars back from digital to tv -- whether it works is yet to be seen.

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