Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Is SMS the most underrated and overlooked dark social channel?

Is SMS the most underrated and overlooked dark social channel?

When most publishers and marketers think of dark social, they think of email. But should they be paying more attention to SMS?

Data revealed by BuzzFeed, shows that SMS generates the largest percentage of shares in BuzzFeed's News app, beating emails and social networks. And this is a trend not only particular to BuzzFeed.


So should companies overlook old-fashioned SMSs when crafting their Digital Marketing strategies? Apparently the answer should be No.

Fortunately, taking advantage of SMS typically won't require much effort. Companies with native apps will in most cases find that minimal development is required to add SMS sharing functionality to their apps.

Moreover, SMS is not the only overlooked dark social channel: combined, private messaging apps count more than a billion active users and represent channels in which content, including links, are frequently shared.

Depending on the audiences, these apps may be channels worth promoting sharing in.

Source: https://econsultancy.com/blog/67108-is-sms-the-most-underrated-and-overlooked-dark-social-channel/

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