Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Better ad design as an effective tool to prevent ad block?

I think this article makes a great point of how marketing executives can battle one of the most serious challenges of digital advertising nowadays - ad blocking. It is not through endless (and I think pointless) court battles to prevent ad blocking on a legislative ground, but through better design of ads.
Indeed, when you think about why users actually install ad blockers - it is not because they don't want web sites to earn money, it is because they are annoyed by how advertising is messing with their online experience. Even if ad blocking is defeated on legal grounds it is only a matter of time before someone finds a loophole - because where there is demand, supply is inevitably bound to happen.
So, in my opinion a long-term solution to the problem is obvious - integrate ads into the user experience in a non-annoying and potentially experience enhancing way, thus not destroying, but creating value for web-sites, ad providers and users.


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