Friday, October 02, 2015

Will Email marketing die?

I read the following news article on Techcruch recently: This article talks about how Turing Email has set out to change the way we check our email. There are other companies like Slack that have already started changing the way we communicate with co-workers at work (including mailing). I used Slack when I was interning with a VC firm in the bay area this summer and found it way better than any other software that I have ever used for office communication (I have worked at 4 companies now). Even at home, the use of e-mail has been declining as we communicate more on social media and use various other sources for information and content. With these trends, I sometimes wonder how relevant E-mail marketing would be after a few years.

Having said that, seems like email is still very relevant. I still don't know many people who don't have an email id whereas I know quite a few people who are not on FB, or don't use Twitter or Snapchat. I found an interesting blog (with some interesting statistics) that talks about the relevance of email marketing even in today's environment: I guess the thing is that e-mail marketing is not going away anytime soon. Rather the blogpost suggests that e-mail marketing is a very effective means of digital marketing. Guess the point then really is that e-mail may still be very relevant today but if it doesn't evolve with the times, then it could become redundant. As ways to interact with e-mail evolve, so should ways to market using e-mail!

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