Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Consumers can sell ad space on their lock screen

While we are increasingly seeing people blocking ads because of them being overly intrusive, an entrepreneur developed an app that lets smartphone users to sell their lock-screen space for ads.

The app, Slidejoy, has already seen 500,000 downloads and is launching now in Europe. Its success is probably related to users opting in to having ads, in contrast with the soaring number of users blocking ads while they are browsing.

But why is people opting in? well... they get paid. The question is if there is going to be something in the future that will make the users download the app without being paid. Slide joy doesn't have the answer yet, while they still expect the business model to be sustainable in the future even if they have to keep paying users.

They key issue for them is whether Google will allow them to control lock-screen ads if they become increasingly popular, or if they will include them in their platforms.

In any case, this alternative seems to benefit from users opting to have the ads on their phones, and thus having a more positive attitude towards them, but we still will have to wait to know how effective this real estate is and how much attention people pays to these ads.

To read more:
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Mateo Lopez Saubidet said...

Really interesting article and it will be very interesting to see how apple incorporates this (if ever). Bringing the revenue towards the end customer can shift the whole view of the industry.
Now customers can have a interest in the ads and avoid the negative reaction towards ad intrusion.
The market is clearly moving towards mobile faster and faster

Max Menis said...

will definitely be interesting to see if we are seeing the beginning of a new business model with the possibility of disrupting the industry.
I guess it will be key to see how users interact with the ads displayed, as in order to view they will have to unlock their screen.