Monday, October 05, 2015

Are the skills required for a career in marketing and finance converging?

As someone who came from a quant heavy background trying to transition into marketing, I was told by many that marketing is solely driven by creativity and quant isn't really a skill needed to make it in marketing. 

However articles like the one attached about Adobe Analytics and the use of other highly sophisticated and complex methods have made me believe that in this age of digital marketing being able to identify and reach your audience is just as important as the creative content that firms publish today. 

After the issues with Flash, Adobe is aiming to make ad buying simpler through personalization and data-driven decision making. To quote the article, "Using Adobe Media Optimizer advertisers are able to take direct control of automated ad buying for search, display and social media across ad exchanges and media networks from partnerships such as Google, Facebook, Yahoo, Rubicon Project, Index Exchange and more, providing full transparency into media costs, ad performance and revenue."

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Sonie said...

Great point -- more and more marketers, particularly in the digital space, are interested in using data and analytics to help develop and execute their marketing strategies. Ares like business intelligence, customer insights, and marketing/digital analytics might all be of interest if you're exploring the analytical side of marketing!