Thursday, October 29, 2015

Twitter Beyond 140: What it Could Mean for Brands

This article speaks about the recent debate within and outside of Twitter around whether or not they should do away with the 140 character limit in their posts. This change would allow brands to post longer form content which could appeal to certain consumers. The article points out that other media sites, such as Facebook, are partnering with news outlets to provide long form content to consumers. The concern is that Twitter might be left behind if they don't follow the trend and allow brands to expand their offerings on the platform. While the argument for expanding the 140 character limit might make sense with the current trends, a conflicting argument is around Twitter's brand identity. What truly differentiates Twitter and made it famous in the first place was its commitment to 140 characters--this allowed consumers, brands, and news outlets to communicate messages in a concise, clear way. You had to be thoughtful about the words you chose when you posted since you didn't have much space. I personally feel that removing the 140 character limit would be a huge mistake for Twitter to make. That word limit is part of their brands core identity. If you try to alter to adjust your core identity, you leave people wondering who you've become and what you stand for. While Twitter is feeling pressure from those who say that this is the only way for them to stay top of mind and in trend for consumers, it could very well be the straw that broke the camel's back for the already struggling company.


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