Friday, October 02, 2015

New App: Peeple

There has been a lot of buzz this week about a new app called Peeple launching in November. Many depict the app as "yelp for humans." The app allows users to rate other people's attributes such as their romantic lives, personal integrity, professionalism, etc. The app is already attracting criticism as many people believe the platform will breed bullying. In fact, someone can be added to the app (and up for review, criticism) without their consent or knowledge. Anyone can add someone, they just need the person's phone number and proof that they are socially or professionally connected.

Will the new app attract marketers? A few AdWeek spoke to were very hesitant based on the potential for bullying and negative implications. I agree. This app seems to go against all of the recent anti-bullying campaigns and progress. I sure as hell wouldn't want my name put out there and the mere fact I can't control that is just wrong.

eeple, which will let you rate other people's attributes—such as their romantic lives, personal integrity and professionalism—the same way you'd rate the restaurant around the corner. The app goes live in November, and it's being billed the "Yelp for humans" since you can give people one to five stars, just like on Yelp.
Peeple is already attracting criticism since it seems ripe for mean-spirited attacks, but the company's founders say they aren't creating an app for bullies, according to The Washington Post. Here's how it works: Users must be 21, have a Facebook account and post reviews under their real names. To add a person and review him or her, the user has to have that individual's cell phone number to confirm the two are socially or professionally connected. Abusive commentary can be reported to Peeple's administrators, who will decide what stays and what goes.  
It all sounds a little dicey, doesn't it? If Peeple gains traction, will marketers want to play on it? Or will they be turned off by the potential for bullying? We asked a couple digital marketers to weigh in. 

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