Tuesday, October 27, 2015

How To Win A U.S. Election With Digital Marketing

When we think of marketing, especially digital marketing, we typically think of it in the scope of products and services.  However, digital marketing also has the potential to play a huge role in presidential elections in this day and age.  Ben Carson’s campaign strategy, for example, relies heavily on facebook to draw in voters.  His page has more than four million followers, and he runs scores of facebook ads targeted toward different subsets of votes.  The techcrunch article, “How to Win a U.S. Election with Digital Marketing” outlines an ideal digital marketing strategy that should be implemented to maximize votes.  

First, voters should receive a tailored message, based on demographics and location, potentially all the way down to zip code.  “For example, Steven in New York will receive the message about how important being pro-abortion is to the candidate, and James in Texas will receive the message that the candidate believes that creating jobs is the most important policy they can present.”  

The article goes on to say, “The best place to begin is with basic display (visual) banners or Facebook newsfeed posts, followed by tailored videos, one for each type of voter, state, city, etc.  Have the candidate create a video for each topic that is important to voters or trending in the upcoming election, then create YouTube campaigns to feature the videos before every video on YouTube with a related topic. For example, if the topic is healthcare, a video about how the candidate plans to improve healthcare will show up before every video on YouTube about Obamacare, treating illness, health tips, etc. People who are actively looking to watch videos on those topics will see the candidate’s video.”



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